The Eders - June 29, 2012
Information taken fron the MOULa Forum

7th Release : The Eders
Ask Annabelle (KI number 03632553 to receive them)

Here’s my latest quest release. It contains many quests that qualify to be in my top 20 toughest quests.
My quests go from hard to hardcore. There’s no easy quest.
Time for you to reach a new level; to learn and master the jumping sequences at their best. Follow my instructions on the first post of this link to learn everything in order to become a skilled skydiver.
A double jump is the most important technique to master for a cavern skydiver. It’s even more important than mastering combo jumps. Jumping sequences mostly involves double jumps which are in definition already jumping sequences themselves.
You will need to master everything for this insane release: combo jumps, double jumps, jumping sequences and quite other insane tricks too (always refers to my first post “Hard Skydiving Stuffs” on this link:
I made a classification of the Eder Ages by order of inner difficulty (taking also into account the number of quests by age).

Eder Delin – 5 quests

Mostly in Delin, the difficulty is the combo jumps elevators. It’s the age that contains the most combo jumps elevators. The reason behind this it’s its design. There are a lot of elements and they are all close one to each other making it easy to find sharp corners (refer to text Hard Skydiving Stuffs on the link provided above to learn why the sharp corners are essentials for combo jumping).
Delin is already known for its inner difficulty. I classified it the “easiest” one of the garden ages. For an alpha explorer, it’s a hardcore age for skydiving; compared to the other garden ages, it’s relatively an easy one.
Delin Journey Door – 41 markers – by La belle Anna
You’ll have to climb a combo jumps elevator, do a blinded landing jumping sequence: standing double jump + run-jump, and do a double jump. YOU CAN BUST DELIN JOURNEY DOOR WITH THIS QUEST
The path to jump over the journey door seen from another quest
The path to jump over the journey door seen from the ground

The Floating Sculpture – 54 markers – by Skydiver Annabelle
You’ll have to climb a combo jumps elevator. YOU CAN BUST DELIN JOURNEY DOOR WITH THIS QUEST
The floating sculpture
The path to jump over the journey door

Delin Fountain Area – 73 markers – by Skydiver Annabelle
You’ll have to climb a combo jumps elevator, do a blinded landing jumping sequence: standing double jump + run-jump, and do a standing double jump.
The top of the fountain

Delin Garden – 72 markers – by La belle Anna
You’ll have to climb 7 combo jumps elevators and do a jumping sequence: combo jump + run-jump.
View from another quest of my markers inside "Delin Garden"
View from another quest of my markers inside "Delin Garden"

Delin Complete Tour – 89 markers – by Skydiver Annabelle
Like the name says, you'll do the complete tour of this small lovely garden. You’ll have to climb a combo jumps elevator, land on a very steep wall, and do a sequence inside a sticky wall.

Eder Gira – 9 quests
This age is particularly hardcore; there are a lot of combo jumps elevators and many spots where you have to do walk up/run up glitches or worst…like the deathly slope elevator. There are some jumping sequences there too. You will have an overall of 16 (20 if you use shortcuts) double jumps to perform also.
You might wonder…why Gira isn’t the toughest age then? Because…there are tougher even!

The Lava Flow – 73 markers – by Evelyne
You’ll have to climb a combo jumps elevator without a floor (or alternatively as a shortcut walk up a hill and at the right moment do a standing double jump) and do a double jump.
View of the beginning of the path near the pipes far away

Desertic Flora – 82 markers – by Evelyne
You'll find a lot of different plants including the purple-veined ones and the octopuslike ones. Beware of the spiky laces, they hurt! You’ll have to climb a combo jumps elevator without a floor (or alternatively as a shortcut walk up a hill and at the right moment do a standing double jump) and do a double jump.
on a desertic flower looking from the inside of the scenery
You can see some spiky laces and many flowers. You are high above the cloth that is already high above the linking spot

Canyon Accesses – 88 markers – by Evelyne
You’ll have to climb a combo jumps elevator without a floor (or alternatively as a shortcut walk up a hill and at the right moment do a standing double jump), do 3 double jumps, do quite a few jumping sequences, walk down on a 80 degrees slope, land on a very steep wall, and, finally, if not the worse LOL, survive the deathly slope elevator you’ll find in your way.
At the very top, looking down in the canyon area
Here is a deathly slope elevator, see how short and how steep the slope is
You might think, oh the deathly slope elevator is not so far from ground...wrong see how high the base of it is from Lower Gira ground.
Nice view of the water pool here

Lower Gira Exploration – 81 markers – by Evelyne
You’ll have to climb a combo jumps elevator and do a jumping sequence to reach the big bone in the middle of Lower Gira .
That's the starting spot to reach with an insane jumping sequence the big bone down below
A nice view of the water pool here

Waterfalls Views – 58 markers – by Evelyne (EASIEST QUEST OF THIS RELEASE)
You’ll have to climb a combo jumps elevator.
The route goes in every locations where you can see a waterfall, even farther than normal reaches...
You are standing on a high wall surrounding the non reachable lower pool and waterfall. If you jump there, you'll find a panic link zone before touching the water.

The Water Pool – 80 markers – by Evelyne
You’ll have to climb a combo jumps elevator, do a double jump, and survive a deathly slope elevator .
Nice picture of the water pool area in Lower Gira, you can see that the path goes a bit inside Upper Gira too, in fact you have 2 branches making the complete circle .

Baskets, Caves & Bones – 95 markers – by Annabelle X
This quest is particularly hard. The most part is inside the caves so you won’t see a bunch. There are 3 combo jumps elevators for the “Baskets & Caves” parts. There are a double jump and an insanely insane LOL jumping sequence to perform for the “Bones” part.
You see markers over the big bone and 1 marker at its base. That's the starting spot of the insane jumping sequence to reach the top
Standing on top, you can do it in less than 1 min .

Gira Grand Tour (1 of 2) – 82 markers – by Annabelle-Sophie2
Gira Grand Tour (2 of 2) – 72 markers – by Annabelle-Sophie2
These 2 quests make it through the entire Gira. You’ll visit every parts of the age. You’ll have to survive one of the hardest routes ever. Here’s why LOL.
You’ll have to climb a combo jumps elevator without a floor (or alternatively as a shortcut walk up a hill and at the right moment do a standing double jump), do a low number of 9 double jumps LOL, land on a very steep wall, and, to make it even more hardcore, survive a deathly slope elevator at mid path.
I won't publish pictures for these 2 quests because they cover essentially all what you have seen in previous pictures of my other quests in Gira.

Eder Tsogal – 2 quests
This age has never been explored, the reason is simple: you cannot reach anything worth without jumping sequences; complex jumping sequences that will make you fear them, you need to be quick and precise and stay calm. And that’s just the beginning.
In this age, you will soon find out a new reality: the landing inside a sticky wall and the way to extract yourself from it. It’s hard, it’s harder than hard. Pray the Lord to land right on the spot, invoke all the Saints up there to exit without any harm.
In addition to that, you can add a crazy glitchy wall that “depending on its mood” can accept or reject you and…of course some double jumps here and there.
There’s a tougher age even!

Under Tsogal’s Sun – 79 markers – by Annabelle-Sophie2
Welcome to the land of the 3 jumps in a row jumping sequences . You’ll have to do a 1st one: standing double jump + turn + double jump + double jump (or run-jump) and eventually to visit some more areas, do a 2nd one: standing double jump + standing double jump + turn + standing double jump. There’s also an insane sequence inside a sticky wall, really a tough one. YOU CAN BUST TSOGAL JOURNEY DOOR WITH THIS QUEST
This age is so enjoyable are under Tsogal's sun
This quest covers the most part of Tsogal, not even the hardest part!

The Surrounding Valley – 82 markers – by Annabelle-Sophie2
This path is one of the crazy ones ever: you’ll start with a 3 jumps in a row jumping sequence: standing double jump + standing double jump + turn + standing double jump, will follow a landing on a very unstable wall and an insane sequence inside a sticky wall.
Once in that sticky wall, you’ll do the most astonishing exit ever: a double jump that will make you loop backward & land over the starting point . The path will continue with a double jump and another sequence inside a sticky wall. Fun ahead ! YOU CAN BUST TSOGAL JOURNEY DOOR WITH THIS QUEST
That's the surrounding valley and that's the highest spot reachable in Tsogal as well
Same spot, looking down to show all my markers covering the linking plaza

Eder Kemo – 6 quests
This is the toughest age ever! All my quests here begin with a jumping sequence. Most of them finish with crazy double jumps placed right at the end of the route. One of them holds 9 double jumps of which 5 have to be performed in a row.
You will land in sticky walls; you will do a heavy load of double jumps throughout the 6 quests. In this age, you will have to master every type of double jumps there are: standard double jump, standing double jump, held double jump, and bouncing double jump. You will have to switch a lot between each during the curse of a quest or even during a given jumping sequence.
The motto in Kemo is master double jumps or die.

The Fountain Plaza – 74 markers – by Evelyne
You’ll start with a jumping sequence: double jump + standing double jump, you’ll have to do near the end a held run jump, and 2 double jumps.
View from the far reach of this quest pass the fountain plaza itself, you see the water lilies pond from way above
As you can see, the fountain top is reachable, it won't be an easy task though

The Wooden Area – 74 markers – by Evelyne
You’ll start with a jumping sequence: double jump + standing double jump, you’ll have to do near the end a held double jump (quite tough), you’ll also find double jumps, and, to make it harder, a blinded steep slope with corners (nearly 70 degrees slope with 2 corners and a tree that keeps moving blinding you all the time LOL).
Nice length hidden between bamboos and cliff
That's the end of the path, to reach my spot you will have to survive quite a few hard lengths.

The Bahroglyphs – 76 markers – by Evelyne
You’ll start with an insane jumping sequence: standing double jump + turn + bouncing double jump, you’ll have to do near the end a held double jump (quite tough), you’ll have to do a small sequence inside a sticky wall, and, to make it harder, a blinded steep slope with corners (nearly 70 degrees slope with 2 corners and a tree that keeps moving blinding you all the time ).
You see most of the markers of the insanely hard to start quest. You can reach the top of the 4 lamp posts around
To reach the top where I am near the monsters bahroglyphs behind me, you will have to do a jumping sequence really tough.
A nice view that you can have from one of the location visited

The Brain Trees – 64 markers – by Evelyne
This quest isn’t the toughest ever. For 99.99% of its length, it’s business as usual BUT... the first climbing trick LOL. You’ll have to do a run-jump up glitch. You read it up, quite insane knowing you don’t much room to climb.
You are near the beginning here and you see the endless climbing trail that stretches as far as you can see, to climb in this quest, you'll
That's the highest spot reachable in this quest and its near the end of the path
Picture taken from the top of a lamp post, you can have nice close up view of above the brain trees throughout my quest.

The Far Reaches – 91 markers – by Evelyne
You’ll have to do the same run-jump up glitch as in The Brain Trees, you’ll have to survive 2 sequences inside a sticky wall in 2 separate parts of my quest though, you’ll land on a very steep wall, and I added also a held run jump after to make it more hard .
This quest is well-named. You'll go to the farthest spots reachable in this second part of the garden from the unique starting point. You see the floating sculpture of Kemo here.
You will stand over the lamp of the circular plaza. A nice view of the garden here
This is near the beginning... you'll be already exhausted just to reach that spot!

Puffers, Water Lilies & Kemos – 86 markers – by Evelyne (TOUGHEST QUEST OF MY ENTIRE COLLECTION OF 166 PUBLISHED QUESTS BE WARNED)
You’ll have to do the same run-jump up glitch as in The Brain Trees. Once up there, the fun is just about to begin . You’ll have to survive 3 sequences in sticky walls; you’ll find 9 double jumps in your way. Most of them aren’t easy to do. You’ll, for 7 of them, start real high over a puffer and reach another puffer.
Puffers’ top are conic meaning they are slippery and if you don’t land smack on the will inevitably slide down the puffer . There’s an insane stretch where you will have to perform 5 double jumps in a row some being classic double jumps, some being held double jumps, and some being standing double jumps.
Reaching the end of the path is really hard. I made my path so there are loops. If you are mastering a loop and don’t want to return there to gain experience in a length forward, you just have to skip a loop or 2. Doing all the path from the start to the end is a real challenge even for me!
The section over the puffers is really "over" , you will stand between 25 and 60 feet above ground
You might ask me why I "didn't cover the puffers" well... they are all (but 2 which I judged they were too much hardcore) covered. Take any puffer, trace a line from it's visual top, you'll end up on a marker, that's the top . Even the small babies have high tops, imagine their big brothers and sisters and parents around the littlest...
That's where it becomes the nicest , the water lilies pond with kemos swimming inside it. You'll find the way to reach that area being inside the puffers area at 60 feet high
More inside the water lilies pond where you can see 2 kemos swimming and some water lilies with white flowers lovely scenery that's near the end of this insanely insane path btw

That's that! I hope you will enjoy these little strolls inside the gardens

I have 64 avatars on MOULa
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Annabelle has just released her 5th quest release, The D'ni Cavern, available starting on March 10th, 2012. What follows is her press release for the latest installment in her amazing series of marker quests:

 Annabelle Quests Releases:

1st Release: The Magnificent City (released) ask Annabelle #3632553 for the quests

2nd Release: Buggaros, Fissure & Spheres (released) ask Annabelle for the quests

3rd Release: The Grandiose Journey (released on December 4th, 2011) ask Annabelle for the quests

4th Release: Into Darkness (released on December 11th, 2011) ask Annabelle for the quests

5th Release: name TBD - this release has been moved in the 5th position - I should begin working on it after the 4th release.

6th Release: name TBD - this release has been moved in the 6th position - No work planned yet

7th Release: name TBD - this release has been pushed in the 7th position - I'll work on it for the next few days then before going mad, I'll work on the easier 5th release


Beyond Imagination

Release Date: Saturday, April 21st 2012

Distribution Avatar: Beyond Imagination (Please contact Annabelle (#03632553) in-game or here on forum to have my quests)

Important Notice: If you don't tell me your KI NUMBER, I won't be able to send anything to you

Disclaimer: Not being in the Creativity section. All the following pictures were taken in normal conditions and can be reproduce using the external client provided by Cyan Worlds given you have the patience & the skills to go along

All of the 24 quests of this release are located inside Kadish Tolesa age.

Beyond Imagination

This age is huge. Guild Master Kadish wrote Kadish Tolesa to impress. All in this age is thought. The mind-bending puzzles, the awesome sceneries, the majesty of each location (forest, mist lake, pyramid, pillars room, vault). Cyan transposed
that building the age. Usually the collision walls are between 20 to 30 feet high. In Kadish Tolesa, you’ll find some walls at 30 to 60 feet high but mostly the walls are sky high. In the main forest with the 3 scopes puzzle the average height is 230
feet. We are talking of 23 storey-high buildings height here.

Impressive & grandiose is the age so are my quests inside it, a homage to this age. I didn’t make easy quests for the simple reason that Kadish Tolesa doesn’t stand easiness. Playing it, you must go thru mind-bending puzzles. You feel so little
so fragile inside this age; it was part of Guild master Kadish’s plan.

You can divide the age in parts. The main forest, the moon room, the lower forest & mist lake, the pyramid & its courtyard, the pillars room, the vault & the alternative vault (which was added much later by Yeesha).

The main forest is where most of my explorations began. Abjab found out an elevator that I perfected to become the “Kadish Great Elevator”. We literally touch the clouds (the black waved planes high above (see pictures below)).
I then found out the way to reach an area I call the “Underfloor”. It’s a huge plane located directly below the main forest (see pictures below).

Many think that climbing on top of the Kadish Great Elevator is a goal. For me, it’s just one tiny step to reach everything up until the pyramid. I mapped all the areas in between (the main forest, the moon room, the lower forest & the mist lake).
The only thing that stopped me from going farther (deep into the pyramid courtyard & beyond) is a huge panic link region at same height as the collision walls top. There’s no way to cross that.

I found 2 other “Great Elevators”. I putted them inside 2 different quests: “La jolie’s Kadish Great Elevator” & “The Connections”. What do I define as being a “Great Elevator”? It’s an elevator starting & reachable from the forest normal ground and
ending all the way up high at 230 feet above on top of the collision walls. Without them around, there would have been nearly no extensive exploration at all apart some combo elevators here and there. (Note: that’s no more entirely true but for
almost the past 20 months it was. In early April 2012, I found out a 4th way to climb to the top using combo + an elevator after riding a bit on collision wall)

24 quests, it seems like a lot for one age but remember, this age is, after D’ni-Ae’gura, the age with the most extensive normally reachable collisions. For example, in Er’cana, a huge age, we can’t reach more than 40% of all what we can do in
other OS shards (Gehn, TOC MOUL) playing on MOULa.

My quests can be divided into 3 parts: 2 extensive networks and independent quests. My 2 network revolves on the “Great Elevators” earlier mentioned. The 2 networks connect with each others. They don’t perfectly overlap but cover everything
from the linking point up to the pyramid courtyard.

There's a small list of explorers who help me in Kadish Tolesa: Abjab, Ken, Sirius, Mirphak & Jahmen. 97% of all my 2,040 markers have been placed by my sole researches and without help of anyone. A special thanks to Boq who helped me
out during a period of 6 months during 2011 which enabled me to stabilise my quests.

La sauterelle’s Network:11 quests in grand total

This network is the first I developed. I started a long time ago. The first marker I ever laid down in Kadish Tolesa with my avatar called: “La sauterelle” was in early August 2010. I must have putted 3,000 markers since then with her. Only inside
the 11 quests, you’ll find 925 of them.

Kadish Great Elevator – 45 markers

This is the main quest to have. On top of this “Great Elevator”, you can reach directly all of the quests marked with a “(1)” beside their name. After riding some of the direct connected quests, you will eventually access the last 3 quests with a “(2)”

The D’ni Cavern: the 5th quest release

This March 10th, 2012 release encompasses 23 quests in many ages:

D’ni-Kirel: 7 quests (NO combo needed)
The Neighborhood: 6 quests (NO combo needed)
D’ni-Rezeero: 2 quests (Combos mandatory)
D’ni-K’veer: 2 quests (Combos mandatory)
The Guilds’ Pub: 5 quests (NO combo needed)
The Watcher’s Pub: 1 quest (NO combo needed)

Overall characteristics:

Even if 85% of the quests do not require any combo at all, the difficulty levels of those quests are generally harder than what I’ve gave you in the past 4 releases. Maybe the 4th release will seem harder because of the ambient darkness but my
feeling is that the 5th release’s quests are a bit harder.

For this release, I didn't make any Journey Guide as there too many ages in it. All the explanations are to be found here. There's a distribution avatar: The D'ni Cavern. (Ask Annabelle # 03632553 or PM me for request)

Age by Age:


I mapped all the age. I left no section uncovered. I mostly developed all by myself with just 2 helps: the first is Face’s entrance spot (the cone against the Nexus room railing) and the second is Carrera’s shortcut to reach the fountain plaza on the
Spy Window’s side.

One major characteristic with my quests in Kirel is that they are all interconnected. You can, if you don’t fall, play for extended time, going from 1 quest to the next to the next to the next…

Quests related to The Loop Route (3 quests)

The Start of The Loop: (Annabelle, 76 markers)

In this quest, you’ll begin the grand tour of Kirel. The route will takes you from the Nexus room to the balcony overlooking the lake near the linking spot. This quest enables connection with “Kirel Auditorium”, “Closing The Loop”, “A Seed & A Dark
Corner” & “Kirel Light Garden”

Kirel Auditorium: (Annabelle, 91 markers)

In this quest and second length of The Loop, you’ll journey thru the entire Auditorium following a sinuous route that will make you travel on every collision walls in that area.

Closing The Loop: (Annabelle, 91 markers)

In this quest, third and last length of The Loop, you’ll go from the Auditorium’s front balcony to the alley behind the Nexus room where you were in the first initial steps of the first quest (The Start of The Loop). There’s also some other exploration
options in this quest.

Other quests in Kirel

A Seed & A Dark Corner: (Annabelle, 97 markers)

This quest can be started after having played “The Start of The Loop” (or completed the entire Loop) or “The Other Way Around”. You’ll have the option to visit the Seed room or the Classroom beside. The “Seed” refers to the Seed floating and
rotating sculpture in the centre of the alcoves and the “Dark Corner” refers to a section of the classroom that is completely black.

Kirel Light Garden: (Annabelle, 96 markers)

This quest can be started after having played “The Start of The Loop” (or The Loop entirely), “The Other Way Around” or “The Kirel Neighborhood”. You’ll find no uncovered area within this quest for the Garden. Each orange & green light are
covered. Some easy ways known by many explorers were simply skipped in that quest because of their easiness (that's not my trademark).

The Other Way Around: (Annabelle, 100 markers)

This quest is very unique because it’s the only quest which doesn’t use any cone. So even if there’s a “cone terrorist” in the age, you can play independently of them. This quest goes mainly in a counter-clockwise direction which is very unique.
You can access every other quest with this quest. Therefore, it’s the most important quest to own to be able to visit every feature Kirel has to offer. It's also the hardest quest I made in Kirel.

The Kirel Neighborhood: (Annabelle, 108 markers)

This quest is the last one I worked on. In this quest, you’ll see a bit of everything and discover lengths not exploited in my other quests. Except from “A Seed & A Dark Corner”, every other quest is connected with this quest.

The Neighborhood Age:

In this age, I mapped all what was possible to map. I worked in that age prior to Kirel. Some skydivers & voltigeurs helped me down the way: Jacsn’s quests, Watashi’s quest, Michel’s works and Mirphak’s works.

In this age, since the entrances are real easy to figure out (all starting on the classroom rooftop), I decided to make 2 (out of 6) harder quests to foul you a little bit.

Spiralling Around the Seed: (Skydiver Annabelle, 82 markers) (the former The Original Seed published for my December 2010 release)

This quest has been completely reworked from A to Z to integrate an awesome feature in it: a spiral route going from the classroom rooftop down to a few feet from the seed itself. It’s very amazing. There’s also a second section covering all the
classroom features.

The Neighborhood: (Skydiver Anna, 117 markers)

My idea making this quest was to show you the latest discoveries I made during all the months I spent in the Neighborhood. This quest is up to my today’s standard because it has no more than a month old. I made this quest to avoid reworking
let say: “The Community Room”, “Fountain Plaza”, “Neighborhood Heights” and “The Light Garden’s Maze” quests that were made prior to it. It covers a lot of features in this age. You’ll be able to see a little of everything within it, you’ll get a nice
overview. All the other quests have more specific goal, this one has no particular goal but to make you discover some of the Neighborhood age features spread everywhere.

The Community Room: (Skydiver Anna2, 104 markers)

This quest will show you my route to reach and visit the community room (aka the auditorium). It’s a long and hard route but I worked thoroughly to make it reliable. I worked on this quest for months. You have to take into consideration that you’ll
travel half the age over the collision walls to make it into the community room. The start and the goal of this quest are at the exact opposite of the age. It’s not based on Jacsn’s “Bevin’s Auditorium” quest. I worked mine independently.

Fountain Plaza: (Skydiver Anna, 98 markers)

This quest is by far the quest I’ve been working on the most. You’ll play the 5th or 6th version of it. Don’t seek for a past version; they never made it to the public scene. This quest is now up to my standard of quality. You’ll be able to see every
feature around the fountain plaza BUT the ones incorporated inside “The Neighborhood” quest which is relatively recent. Keep in mind, playing this quest, that you’ll be playing an old quest. I decided to keep the old flavoured touch to it. I could
have come up with a fresh new version but I preferred putting the last discoveries inside “The Neighborhood” quest instead.

Neighborhood Heights: (Skydiver Anna, 100 markers)

Here’s one of the 2 “foul” quests I was talking about in my introduction. There’s a start, there’s an end…but in between there’s many routes: mighty shortcut, loop, dead-end, sinuous length. The thing is that I don’t inform you what will be your
option in advance. You’ll see “Fork” with 2 options. Once engaged in one of the 2 routes after the fork, you’ll learn if that was a good or a bad choice.

The Light Garden’s Maze: (Skydiver Anna2, 98 markers)

Here’s the second “foul” quest. This quest is made of 3 starts and 2 “official” ends. In between, it’s a web of loops, forks and reconnections inside or around the light garden. You can loose yourself (maybe your mind too) in this maze. If you get
lost, you can play for hours as long as you stay up the collision walls.


In this age, The Great Zero, I made 2 awesome quests. I balanced them so you can see different features within each one. They are named: “The Great Zero” and “Great Zero Again”. Beside an unreachable section and a roofed dome
collisions section (the calibration room), I covered all what was reachable. There’s never been a lot of development in that hard age. I used Ken’s & Sut’s common quest as a backbone for my 2 quests.

You can be sure I added a lot of new features not covered by them and I putted instructions in my quests.

The Great Zero: (Annabelle-Sophie2, 96 markers)
Great Zero Again: (Annabelle-Sophie2, 101 markers)


In this age, I was the pioneer. There are 3 combo elevators in K’veer; I discovered them at the very beginning of May 2010. I mapped a lot of thing in that age during that time. Because of a leak, many skydivers started to make and publish
quests at an insane rate.

On my part, I took my time, Jacsn is the only skydiver who helped me to make my quests there.

I present you the original quest in K’veer, the one that start it all: “Annabelle’s K’veer”. This quest is the one I’ve been working on since the first days of May 2010. I’ve updated it a lot since that time.

I’m publishing also: “K’veer Attic” which is most unique and incorporates some of Jacsn's findings (I mean here: markers from his personal quest) and a lot of my own developments.

With these 2 quests, you’ll be able to travel almost everywhere inside D’ni-K’veer.

Annabelle's K'veer: (Annabelle, 96 markers)
K'veer Attic: (Annabelle, 100 markers)

Guilds’ Pubs:

These pubs are my babies. Back in June 2010, I've decided to play an old quest made by Ken named: “Maintainers Pub”. Once I succeeded playing it, I wasn’t satisfied with his coverage. I made my own quest covering the whole main floor of
The Maintainers’ Pub. Then, I did the same with every other guilds’ pubs.

There are 5 guilds so 1 quest per guild’s pub: “The Cartographers’ Pub”, “The Greeters’ Pub”, “The Maintainers’ Pub”, “The Messengers’ Pub” and “The Writers’ Pub”.

I didn’t make them identical to give you a challenge. Each pub has slight difference which distinguishes it from the other ones. Given this fact, I made them so the easiest routes are inside the pub with less interesting features. The hardest routes
are therefore in the 2 most interesting pubs. All the routes are identical but the level of difficulty increases with less and less info in my instruction. I made them so what you learn in Maintainers’ Pub will help you in Greeters’ Pub for example.

The Cartographers' Pub: (Skydiver Anna2, 58 markers)
The Greeters' Pub: (Skydiver Anna2, 58 markers)
The Maintainers' Pub: (Skydiver Anna2, 67 markers)
The Messengers' Pub: (Skydiver Anna2, 67 markers)
The Writers' Pub: (Skydiver Anna2, 57 markers)

The Watcher’s Pub:

This age was only covered a long time ago by Jacsn with his quest: “Watcher’s Pub Downstairs”. His route follows a clockwise direction around the pub. I worked hard on my part to come with something a bit more extensive than his quest.

My quest is simply named like the age: The Watcher’s Pub (Annabelle-Sophie2, 94 markers)

You’ll find in my quest 2 routes using more or less the same markers: one going in a clockwise direction (not exactly identical as the one made by Jacsn) and one going in a counter-clockwise direction. The counter-clockwise one couldn’t be
developed before I understood how the “T-Junction Cave” works back in Ae’gura. Once I understood how to reach the top over a roofed vertical collision, I was able to work in The Watcher’s quite easily.

Don’t think I break into the back sections of the pub; it’s unreachable per my own extensive researches. But you won’t have a better view of the back sections anywhere else than playing my quest.

To conclude:

That’s that. 23 brand new quests that are added to my already 95 released quests. The next release (the 6th release) should encompasses the same number of quests (23) and the last one (the 7th release) should encompasses 19 quests.
They should both be released before the end of May.


Annabelle's 5th Quest Release:
The D'ni Cavern

Annabelle to release her
7th & last quest on May 19, 2012
"The Eders"
22 quests in
Eder Gira, Eder Kemo, Eder Delin
& Eder Tsogal

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