Basic everyday games :)

rocketdogs Marker Game V5 - up city tent

Hidden Ledges - up the ledge from museum

F'ni Rails - On the Great Stairs by Monument

How to become a Monument - Monument Great Stairs - record of 8 on top ( that I know)

Library round 'too - Library Cliff to shake house

Bridge to Ferry - City Bridge down spine to Ferry

L'sahna's Library Lights - Library area to tent top

up the tent - city tent top & down under city

Freya's Aleternative Tent Route   - up the city tent

The Gems ( Spine ) - Inside the Kadish Gallery

Suts Dock - Kadish Gallery

Ae'gura Hall of Kings - Bridge to HOK & more

F'ni Rails - Great Stairs

F'ni Bridge to HOK  - bridge to HOK

suts left side - after the HOK

The Forks ( Spine ) - city bridge to other forks

D'ni Ae'gura Trails - the tree, city tent & more



up the city tent

While goofing off in the city everyday.
I spend my time doing & using these games over &
over again.
There are 4 methods to get up the city tent, that I know of. While in the city, one likes to climb to a high perch ,or teach other peeps new things :)

Climbing up the library tent is fun also,
Lsahna's Library Lights wil take you there.
But you can also combo up either side of it :)