Index of Susa'n Marker Games

Kadish Underfloor      -  Highly reccomend !
Kadish Vault
Kadish UFO
Kadish Second Scope
City's Ferry Gate Climb  ( after Bridge to Ferry )
City's Tokotah Rooftop 

More coming soon :)

Great Games - set of 4 in Kadish

I am sure there will be more games here in
the future - please check back :)


Ki # 00059867

Kadish underfloor is a must do game -
I go there all the time !
Full of neat glitches & the
Moon Room Exit !

City's Gate Climb is over the Iron Gate
Ferry dock & across all the dock
lamp posts ! FUN !

Kadish UFO is a great elevator that
goes way up underneath a UFO :)