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This site is dedicated to sharing photos with other explorers so that all might enjoy & experience what takes place in the cavern.

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These sisters sites are hosted on the same server. But each have there own identity & are unique in presentation.

Anybody is welcome to publish their photos here & have their very own page to share with others.

Please do not Ki mail your photos to me in the game.
I can not use them, because a screen shot is necessary to capture them & and by enlarging them they are of low quality & blurry. Sometimes I can not resist using them, but try to avoid it.

Instead send your pics to me via regular email. Just attach .jpg files to the email. Send the pics to:
I understand that some do not want to reveal their email address, and I do not blame you. So I suggest you set up an alternative email that is not their personal email address, just to use for this purpose.
However I promise not to abuse the email & will not share it or spam with others ( trust).

Alternatively, I hope to have ftp data collection set up through this website, so your privacy is kept intact.











Ki pic by Annabelle

Enjoy the game and collect those pics !

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